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Whenever I wander in a new place a thought goes round and round in my mind. What gifts to buy for my loved ones? What should I choose? What would they prefer?

And always whether I am in Greece or in abroad I end up to the same decision. I pick the most representative things of the place I visit. I think it’s the best choice and brings an idea of the place atmosphere I visited.

So I propose to pick:

From London

photo by Micheile Henderson


From London, you can pick teas in various flavors and packages. And even when the packages will be empty of content you’ll hate to part from the package. I found tea in beautiful music boxes that play sweet melodies.

From Rome

Cheese or Pasta

From Rome, I’d rather bring pasta or cheeses. This is my proposal to you. But unfortunately, they get a lot of space in the suitcase. So if you have to buy gifts for several persons do prefer fridge magnets with the known sights. Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi or a figure of a Roman Soldier.

From Constantinople (Istanbul)

photo by Jason Leun

Spices, Herbs

In Constantinople, you won’t face any problem. Here, you have so many choices. Spices, herbs, loukoumia even salepi.

From Amsterdam

photo by Gemma Evans

Plants’ seeds

From Amsterdam do buy bulbs and tulip seeds or other flowers seeds. There is a huge variety. From our trip there we had brought back several and we planted them in our garden. Thus, every spring when they blossom they remind us that fairy-tale trip.

From Paris


From Paris there is only one thing you have to bring.

What else but macaron!

You’ll find them everywhere and definitely this gift will be appreciated by your beloved persons.

From Sofia

Clay Folk Art

In Sofia you’ll find clay folk art and the well known wooden Babushkas.

From Greece

Greece! Wherever you travel the decision is one and the choices countless.  Local Greek products!

Honey, pasta, herbs, jams, spoon sweets, cheeses, legumes, wine, raki, tsipouro and so many others which make a huge list.

So wherever you travel, choose representative products of every place. And do remember. You don’t have to pick an expensive gift. What matters are the thought and the gesture.

Do you agree?

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