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Very close to Athens, in a distance of about two or two and a half hours, you will find lake Doxa. It is a destination so easily approachable that you could visit even for a day trip.




Driving from the National Road of Athens – Patras you take the exit to Kiato. You then keep driving on the road heading to Stymfalia – Feneos – Goura. Throughout that road, there are signs leading you to the destination so you will not have trouble finding it. Mountaintops, canyons, picturesque villages are composing the scenery all the way from Athens to Lake Doxa, a distance of about 160klm.



After you pass by the last village you will see lake Doxa in front of you. Situated in between the mountainsides of Ziria and Helmos not only it is beautiful by itself, but the surrounding scenery will enchant you too.

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake that was positioned at an altitude of 850 meters.

On a small island inside the lake is the small chapel of Saint Fanourios that they call the Pontikonisi of Korinthos. The road that surrounds the lake is ideal for walking or cycling.



If you find yourself in the area grab the opportunity to visit the monastery of Saint George. Built in the 17th century it features some amazing mural painting. During the years of Turkish Enslavement, there was a school secretly operating inside the monastery. The monks will welcome you and will treat you with traditional rose spoon sweet.

Worth paying a visit is also the Gkoura village with the beautiful stone built houses as well as the rest of nearby villages like Feneos, Mesino, Mosia and Panorama.


In this earthly paradise empty your mind of the everyday burdens and allow the beauty and peace of this place flood your soul. Be grateful for the gifts of sight, smell and the ability to walk and enjoying. Be grateful for the simple and mundane. All the things that you take for granted or you value as unimportant become so significant when taken away from you.


Have you been to lake Doxa? I will be happy to read your comments or suggestions for nearby destinations.

 *All photos by my precious friend Deppy Vlachopoulou

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