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In the centre of Athens, at the East side of the Ancient Market is the Attalou Arcade.
It is a beautiful walkabout if you ever find yourself there.


The Attalou Arcade was a gift of king Attalus the second of Pergamos to the city of Athens. For the ancient Greeks, it used to be a walking area and a trade centre where they would find merchandise and craft shops.
In 267AD it was ruined after the attack of the Erules. It regained its old glory during the decade of 1950 when it was reconstructed by the American Archaeological school. It now serves as a museum of the Ancient Market.





The Attalou Arcade

If you ever find yourself in Monastiraki it is worth walking up to Attalou Arcade. You will marvel at the architecture and the size of the building while, at the same time, you will feel that you have travelled to the countryside. The surroundings are beautiful. Calming and soothing to the soul. The museum itself has beautiful subjects that were discovered in the Ancient Market.
Have you ever been to this place?
If you have, I will be happy to read your thoughts in the comments below.
*Photos by Deppy Vlachopoulou

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