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The days with the unbearable heat are already past. The weather is getting colder and the first fall drizzles appeared. The autumn is here.

But what are the best seasonal destinations? Which directions will our travels follow? Where shall we dash out for the coming weekends?

Therefore, I have some suggestions to make:



Nafpaktos combines beautifully the mountain and the sea.

Your stay there will be definitely one of the most beautiful memories.  You’ll have many choices as the landscapes are really unique. You can choose between its picturesque port and the green lush villages of the mountainous Nafpaktia.

You can get an idea of the city sights reading my article about Nafpaktos.

For your stay, I suggest the Hotel Akti which is situated on Grimbovo beach.


Kastle of Nafpaktos



The mountainous Arcadia is another top autumn destination. Its villages are competing in beauty. Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Vitina are the three well-known villages. However, in the area, you’ll discover many more big or small villages that will enchant you.

You can read my detailed article about Dimitsana and Stemnitsa and the reasons you should visit them.

For your stay in Dimitsana, remember “En Dimitsani”,  I have already written an article about this hotel.


Arcadia’s mountains



Pelion is a magical destination all the year round. Tsagarada, Milies, Vizitsa, Zagora are just a few of its incomparable beauty villages.

Pelion is also combining perfectly the mountain and the sea. Here, you’ll find taverns and restaurants serving tasteful dishes and local delicacies.

In this article, you’ll find more details that will give you some ideas on what you can see and where you can eat in Pelion.




Mani is one of my favorite destinations.

It has a “strict” stone beauty over which the sun of Greece is reflected. The magical sunsets and the picturesque hamlets of Laconian and Messinian Mani, of Gythio, Areopoli, Limeni as far as Kardamili will steal your heart.

For your stay in Mani, I’d suggest “Petra & Fos”. It is built at the best spot of the bay offering a magnificent view.

Right across is Limeni. I wrote about it in my previous article.





Whether you like it or not, Tzoumerka is a place that you’ll definitely love.

The lush green landscape which coexists in harmony with the mountainous volumes composes its unique beauty. There are villages perched on the mountainside and other hidden. Once, they were large villages with thousands of inhabitants.

You’ll find yourself close to springs, rivers even waterfalls. Next, to the banks of Aracthos, you can go hiking, rafting, riding or even cycling.

For your stay, do prefer the “Gefiri Plakas”. You won’t find a better guesthouse. I wholehearted recommend it.

These are the Top 5 autumn destinations for me.

Would you like to propose something else?




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