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Monaco. The cosmopolitan small state of 38.000 inhabitants that is sprawling indolent along Cote D’Azour.

It is amphitheatrically built and manages to enchant not only with its luxury that exudes but also with its natural beauty.

Another thing that impresses the visitor is the order and the exemplary cleanness which dominates everywhere.

How You Can Go To Monaco

In Monaco there isn’t airport. So you have to fly to Nice via Zurich, Munich or Frankfurt.

In this article I explain you how you can find economical prices for airplane tickets.

You can get to the Principality of Monaco from Nice which is 20km away. If you take a bus in 45 minutes you’ll be there and if you take train in 20 minutes.

What to See

Due to its small expanse is a destination that you can see in short time. It can even be a one-day excursion from Nice. Ideally, in two days you can tour in Monaco and get a flavor from its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The view from the hill is unbelievable. Don’t be afraid. You won’t have to walk to get there. There are public elevators that will lift you there without to get tired.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Monaco is dedicated to Saint Nicolas.

It was built over the ruins of earlier temples and there, are buried many of the members of the royal Grimaldi family.

Cousteau Oceanographic Museum

It is located near to Palace and is built on a rock. It’s worthwhile visiting it. The building is an exceptional example of baroque revival.

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It took 11 years to be built and was used 100.000 tones of stones. There, you can visit the huge aquarium, an exhibition of the history of the oceans, mammal’s skeletons and a souvenir store.

The ticket costs 11 Euros.

The Square and the Palace

The Palace of the royal Grimaldi family is at the big square with the old cannons and the view to the sea.

It was built in 1191 and initially it was planned to be fortress. It has been Grimaldi’s house since 1297.

You can have a guided tour in a small part of the Palace using audio-guide. It is offered in many languages including Greek.

Monaco Gardens

Although Monaco is the most thickly populated small state in the world, you can see everywhere gardens, even on the terraces.

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Princess’s Grace Kelly rose garden is open to the public day and night.

In the heart of Monaco you can see the Japanese garden. It is a green oasis and is ideal for a walk, relaxation and photographing.

The Casino

It’s worthwhile visiting the legendary casino of Monte Carlo. We have heard and have seen so many things in the movies!

It has a wonderful architectural style, endless wealth, exquisite gardens, fountains and luxurious cars.

Monaco doesn’t look like to any other destination. It differs…

It’s haughty, luxurious, and glamorous. It has all these things to dislike it. Nevertheless you can’t.

It’s worthwhile getting there. You can wander around to its pebble narrow alleys in the old town. You can climb up to the hill scanning the view or admiring the luxurious yachts in the two marinas.

Yes. Although Monaco looks like to an arrogant aristocrat it’s so beautiful and you definitely be impressed!


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