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When visiting Kilkis for the first time someone could be deceived into thinking there is not much interest in this area. There is no bigger mistake than this. I have already revealed to you in this previous post some of the hidden gems of Kilkis. Today I would like to introduce you to the rest of them.



In Kilkis you will find a plethora of cultural events scheduled throughout the year.
I actually got the feeling that the number of cultural associations active in this town is larger than in any other town I have visited. The International Festival of puppet theatre and pantomime already counts 17 years of history here. It is the main reason why most of the shops have big puppets displayed in their windows.


The day after our departure the city would celebrate the Pentekaideka Martyrs’ day with a series of cultural events filled with music and theatre plays. At the same time there would be an exhibition of modern painting. The daily program simply keeps filling up with activities for the coming days. As I am writing these lines, for example, I know that in the centre of the city there must already be a big “christmas village” set up. That will keep the city alive during the holidays with music, crafting, gaming, theatre plays and all sorts of interesting activities.


On our first night in Kilkis we went out for a stroll to see a bit of the city.
It had just stopped raining and everything was clean and fresh. As the city lights shined on the allies and the old houses stood side by side with the new blocks of flats I got the feeling of being transported to another era, one of the past.


We walked by beautiful plazas,


dawdled by the very impressive twin tobacco warehouses dating back to 1900

and admired the historical building that used to host the County’s Headquarters but is now under maintenance.



Hotel “Evridiki” was the place booked for us to stay and what a great choice that was! The hotel is situated right in the heart of the city. It has been recently refurbished with big comfortable rooms and it is fully equipped with all modern luxuries. I cannot help mentioning that the mattresses and duvets are all bought from Cocomat. Ιt is a greek company of high quality that uses only natural products. something that contributed to a perfect nights’ sleep. It felt like falling asleep into a bouquet of small cotton clouds that escorted us to the waking of dawn rested and peaceful.



Another hotel of respective quality is hotel “Krousia” located in the homonymous area.  Just outside the city of Kilkis and just a few meters next to the Balkan Botanical Park.





We had the opportunity to visit it for it’s great food. Tastes of wild boar and deer with potatoes and prunes brought pure delight to our palates.



This is the larger park of the Balkans and it is located just 2 kilometers before entering the village of Pontokerasia. It extends in an area of 310 acres and it was built to conserve, promote and highlight the flora of the Balkan area.



A big hall situated at the entrance of the park serves as a space for hosting events and exhibitions.


The park is bursting with visitors during spring and summer and especially in the weekends. It is a unique place for visitors of all ages to savor nature, and for families to relax and have some fun.



If there is one more thing for which Kilkis should be really proud is the cow farm “Koukaki”.
We were guided through the factory where the products (such as milk, yogurt, kefir) are being made. And we witnessed how all stages of production are going through very strict health inspections. I must admit that after seeing how professional this brand is and how careful with it’s production line, I grew to respect it immensely.



Only half an hour outside the city of Kilkis you can find the “Kilkis Ranch”, the recreational farm for horse riding. An area consisting of 20 acres of green in which you can find a playground and a restaurant apart from the horse riding facilities. It is the perfect destination for an excursion especially for families with kids.







So far you may have already been convinced that Kilkis is not a city to pass by in indifference. The variety of interesting things to do is so big that the 3 day trip we had planned was not even nearly enough to savor them all. The locals are extremely friendly, hospitable and willing to get out of their way in order to please a traveller. We had the opportunity to be treated by the people of the Cultural Association of Pikrolimni. Τhey hosted us and offered us samples of local tastes, following the traditional ritual for treating a traveller, as is customary in their place of origin, Pontos.


Once again I would like to give special thanks to the Municipality of Kilkis for an unforgettable stay and a guide through the beauties of this little corner of the earth.
One thing is sure for me. I will be coming back to Kilkis. Not only for it’s beauties, but mostly to connect again with all these great people I met here and who became valuable friends.

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