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Long before becoming a travel blogger, I had discovered Skyscanner and it soon became my one and beloved ally in the quest of good deals on air tickets. Their link has been bookmarked among my favourite ones since then and instead of browsing through different airlines when looking for air tickets I head directly to Skyscanner.


I practically leave everything to them. Within seconds I get on my screen all air carriers with their pricings. But Skyscanner is more than that. That’s why today I will be sharing the smartest tools that make the hunt for the best deal a piece of cake.



1.  First and most important I consider the Price Alert.


If you are interested in a specific destination and you are flexible in your schedule then you can sign up for the “price alert”. You subscribe with the email you want to be receiving the alerts and you can then be informed of any price change that will be taking place. The service is totally free and super valuable.

2.  Another useful tool is the choice “anywhere” in choosing a destination.


If you happen to be flexible as to the destination then this choice will present you with the best deals for various destinations. Who knows? Maybe you can find a very interesting destination that you alone would not have thought of.

3.  The “Cheapest Month” is another clever tool of Skyscanner if you have time flexibility.


You fill in the airport of departure, the destination (you even have a choice for “anywhere”) and you choose the cheapest month. Skyscanner alerts you for the lower fares in the specific time frame.

4.  Another valuable ally in securing a low fare ticket is the “whole month” feature.

With this choice, Skyscanner informs you about price changes within the month of your interest.

5.  There are times when the airport of choice determines the ticket price. That is why Skyscanner gives you the choice of choosing the “add nearby airports” feature, for an option of a cheaper solution.


The most important of all though is creating an account in Skyscanner. It costs nothing and it saves you a vasted time of browsing through different sites and price options.



What do you think?

Do you know of Skyscanner?

Have you used the clever tools or not just yet?


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