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At the edge of the harbor in Galaxidi we discovered
Skeletovrahos restaurant. Walking between the arranged
tables and searching the place to have lunch I noticed the
There, on the right side of the door on a big blackboard I read:
“Here only the crazy ones, those who are in love and the fled
ones”. The blackboard’s message got me the idea that it wasn’t
just an ordinary restaurant and I wasn’t wrong.

Skeletovrahos Restaurant

In Skeletovrahos restaurant you can taste special flavors that
you’ll never forget. Andreas himself will take care of it.
Skeletovrahos started operating in 2000 in Galaxidi. The owner
was Mr.Dinos Katsaitis. A few years later his son Andreas being
a cook got into the Kitchen and enriched the menu with new
flavors and ideas.
Andreas Katsaitis is a young man who was lucky enough to
study the trade he loved most without leaving his town. At the
Galaxidi School of Tourism he obtained the knowledge and
made his first steps in a profession he really adores.

Food in Skeletovrahos

In Skeletovrahos you’ll enjoy seafood and fish cooked in a very
special and unique way.
The salad we ordered had juicy cherry tomatoes, crimson and a
soft cheese.

The risotto with cuttlefish ink, smoked trout and lime was my
favorite one. I wholehearted suggest it. I started tasting it and I
couldn’t stop. It was delicious!

However, the feast of flavors and fragrances didn’t stop at
risotto. We even tried marinated octopus in orange, cress and
avocado, and a delicious smoked eel that you mustn’t miss to

Classical appetizers served with a new glance.

But besides the special dishes you’ll find crispy fried fish, fresh
shellfish and delicious shrimp pasta. All are cooked with quality
raw material and a lot of imagination.
So if you ever find yourself in Galaxidi and you’d like to try
seafood tastes do remember Skeletovrahos. The dishes you’ll
taste will be unforgettable!


*I was a guest in restaurant Skeletovrahos but my article, as always, represents my personal opinion.

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