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When we walked the door of Polis Hammam with my fellow travel bloggers some days ago, I could not have imagined of the unbelievable experience we would enjoy there. So here I am sharing with you this experience, as I always do with the things that I like and find worth mentioning.



Polis Hammam initially started from Thessaloniki and opened it’s gates for Athenian visitors last January in the district of Psyrri (Avliton 6-8). It is hosted in a multi-leveled building that is elegantly polished to the last detail. Earthy tones, clean spaces, relaxing ambience and the most friendly personnel that makes sure you will feel pampered and well taken care of.


Upon arrival, we were treated with strawberry juice that is well known for its beneficial qualities and we were guided to the dressing rooms.


saunnaWe had chosen the Pasa Hammam treatment and we knew that we would only need to take a bathing suit along. All of the rest essentials like flip flops and the pestemal towels were waiting for us in our lockers.

Our treatment started with relaxation and chit chat on the hot marble bench of the hammam. The sweetly hot temperature of the room started relaxing our muscles. Shortly after that, the experienced therapist started treating us with a body exfoliation using the special glove called kesse. The “therapy” continued with foaming and foam massage with soap made of pure olive oil and was finished with a hair wash.



Our body felt lighter and free of all the toxic burden it usually caries. Clean and fresh we were guided to a small lounge with comfy pouffe chairs to soak in and we were offered tea with Turkish delight.


But it was not over yet. The best part was saved for the end. After finishing our tea the therapists guided us to the massage room. For the next half of an hour, we indulged in a most beneficial and relaxing massage that completed our well-being and rejuvenated us.



I could not be more sincere when saying that we felt grateful for the care and pampering we enjoyed. We left with a huge smile on our faces.

A visit in Polis Hammam is an experience you will definitely never forget!

You can either gift it to a friend or even better, share the experience with a friend. Polis Hammam offers various packages for therapies and combined offers of all price ranges that can satisfy all tastes.

So what do you think?

Will you try the Hammam experience?

Adress: Avliton 6-8, Αthens 105 54
Telephone: 21 0321 2020
*The whole experience was an offer of Polis Hammam, but as always all opinions in this article are my own.

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