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I guess that a more suitable name than Petra & Fos (stone & light) could not be found for this magnificent accommodation in Mani. It’s entirely made of stone and is flooded in the Greek light. It gazes the bay without anything lies between it and the landscape that spreads around it.




Petra & Fos is located in Itilo, Mani. From the swimming pool and the small balcony of the room, you can see the picturesque Limeni. Very close are the Cave of Diros, Areopoli, Vathia,  Gerolymenas and a little further on Kardamili and Gythio.

Each one has its own magic. You can explore them or go for a day excursion. The trip from Athens lasts 3 to 3, 5 hours.


There are no words to describe this wonderful hotel. The spaces are warm, stylish and brightly decorated with earthy colors, while the stone element dominates everywhere. The simple luxury and some vaulted spots allow the light to travel and flood the space.





Arriving in the room fresh fruits waited for us along with a welcome card written by the hotel management.  The same earthy colors dominate in the bathroom. Some elegant details such as the painted washbasin complete the perfect picture. The bathrobes are soft and fluffy and in the toiletries, toothpaste and toothbrush are included, something that I found very useful.



The top spot of the hotel is the infinity pool. Built on the edge of the cliff you think that is becoming one with the blue sea. This is the hot spot of the complex, where during the day one can swim and enjoy the breathtaking view. At night you can have a drink at the pool bar.




Large vaulted windows allow the light to sneak into the room and your eyes can travel into this unbelievable view. The breakfast is traditional Greek and includes pies, yoghurt, marmalades, honey, cheeses, and fresh fruits; everything is from the surrounding region.



But besides breakfast, one can enjoy delicious meals signed by the acclaimed chef Christophoros Peskias. We tasted green mixed pomegranate salad, dried figs, cherry tomatoes, Aegina’s Pistachios and a tasteful saganaki with kefalotyri and lemon jam. For main course, I had chicken souvlaki in a local marinade, pie and grilled zucchini. Christos ordered a beef burger with homemade pickles, a spicy salad with yoghurt and honey and French fries. For desert, we chose mosaiko with vanilla ice cream.


Petra & Fos facilities include a fully equipped gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and a separate space for massage. Maria, a skilled therapist took over to untangle my sore and tangled muscles offering me a massage that managed to relax me. I still remember it and feel gratitude.



Petra & Fos is a magnificent accommodation that one can never forget. It combines luxury, spectacular view, amazing facilities, exceptional restaurant and a staff willing to cover whatever you need. For all the above reasons, if your destination is Mani, remember it!

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* I was honoured to be a guest in Petra & Fos Hotel, but as always all opinions in this article are my own.

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