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One morning, not long time ago I woke up with a persistent and excruciating headache. It was acute, refractory and resistant to all painkillers and medicines. That same day I had to go to the center of Athens. Even the thought was killing me. I started with a heavy heart and only the fact that I went for a massage consoled me.



My friends from the Travel Bloggers Greece waited for me outside the station. We walked a few meters to Thision Street.


There, at number 11, Nuad Thai Massage has been operating for a while. That day you couldn’t bear the sultry heat of the July, but as soon as we got in we felt as we were in a country of calmness and absolute relaxation. The manager, Mrs Margaret Mavrikou welcomed us and guided us to the brand new spaces of Nuad Mai Massage.







Here, you can enjoy all types of massage.  You can have a facial massage, foot massage, relaxing massage, athletic, and cellulite, massage for the head and for the nape. Whatever comes to one’s mind. Even massage for pregnants!

We started with the facial massage. I enjoyed the soft massage with the fingers and the special bones all over my face and head. With small pressures and circular movements, the racking headache had gone away!

We continued with the foot massage. We sat comfortably; we covered our eyes with a wet towel and enjoyed the rejuvenating foot massage. We had the sense that a burden had gone away.  In the

In the end, we had the chair massage. On a special armchair in absolute relaxation, I trusted myself to the experienced masseur’s hands. The massage was on the back and on the hands. The therapist stopped at every knob and was trying to “untie” them, though the pain was taking my breath away. Honestly speaking it wasn’t enjoyable, but in the end, I felt euphoria. All pains that troubled me had disappeared and I felt my body lighter.

Honestly speaking it wasn’t enjoyable, but in the end, I felt euphoria. All pains that troubled me had disappeared and I felt my body lighter.




We left Nuad Thai Massage rejuvenated and light. This affected positively on our psychology. I had a better mood and since no headache harassed me I could smile happily.

It was a unique experience that I’d like to share with you. Thus, in collaboration with Nuad Thai

Thus, in collaboration with Nuad Thai Massage, I offer to all my readers that will visit Nuad Thai and will have a face massage, a foot massage or a chair massage another one of the above as a present.

The offer is valid till 31/12/2017. You’ll just say that you are “Eikones & Psithyroi”  readers.



Nuad Thai Massage

Thissiou 11 – Monastiraki

Tel: 211 4099555

699 6930537





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