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Παναγία των Παρισίων εξωτερικό

The morning that I stood from a distance and looked at the imposing gothic rhythm building the Notre Dame de Paris one of my dreams came true.

I glanced at it waiting for Quasimodus to turn up. The beloved Victor Hugo, the beloved novel, the beloved Notre Dame de Paris. Unfortunately destroyed!

There are no words to describe our feelings watching the fire licking, destroying, melting. Except of one and only one…Shatter!

Yes, I think that the word shatter is the only one that can describe our feelings.

I feel fortunate that I had been able to admire this masterpiece, to see it up close. To take pictures of it, to capture the images from its exterior and interior. To feel the awe that penetrates you in front of this architecture’s grandeur!

Visiting Notre Dame De Paris

The Exterior of the Cathedral

I remember that we were walking in a side street when suddenly we found ourselves there. Initially we hadn’t realized that we had arrived to our destination. I took some steps backwards and looked at it from a distance and I felt the grandeur of that architectural wonder.

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We didn’t rush to get in. We sat on a marble bench gaping initially the crowd that was streaming and glancing at the imposing building. We had the sense that the figures of Quasimodo, of Esmeralda, of Frolo were strolling and then were vanishing…

The Interior

As we were getting near the entrance, I threw back my head looking at the statues, the figures and the patterns that adorn the exterior.

And then the imposing interior. Which of all to admire first? What to see first? Which one to capture first with your digital camera? There are so many details of its beauty.  It’s impossible to capture everything.

We are wondering what caused this devastation. Was due to human negligence or due to an accident?

The truth is that whatever has happened, it will take years in order   to repair   the disaster so as Notre Dame to open again its gates to the public.

Till then its history and its photographs will accompany us.

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