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Ναύπακτος τα πιο Σημαντικά Αξιοθέατα

In the autumn of 2016 I visited Nafpaktos for the first time. I just loved it because it’s exquisite, has history and many interesting and significant sights.

Recently I found myself there again. I was a guest of Go Nafpaktia. Nafpaktos was beautiful and charming as always. I had the chance to have a tour at the major sights and places that were unknown to me.

Today, I want to share with you all these beauties.

Nafpaktos Sights

The Port

Nafpaktos trademark is its Venetian port with the two towers in its entrance. It’s equally impressive whether you see it from the Castle or you are next to it.

Ideally, choose one of the café and enjoy your coffee along with the port’s magic.

The Castle of Nafpaktos

Even if you have visited the Castle in the past a ride up there is imperative. The view is just amazing.  The Corinthian Gulf is in front of you, the port looks so different from up there and on the horizon the Rio-Antirio Bridge!

Also we have to mention that Nafpaktos Castle was besieged many times, but it was never conquered


It’s the neighborhood over the port’s square. It has paved alleys and beautiful houses. It took its name after the Botsaris Tower which it was constructed during the 15th century by Venetians. After the liberation from the Turks it was given to the general Notis Botsaris from Souli.

Today, Botsaris Tower is used as an exhibition hall for the Nafpaktos naval battle.  The halls host suits of armours, flags, and even painters works on the naval battle.

Close Destinations

Having Nafpaktos as your base you can have jaunts in beautiful places that worthwhile to get know.

Bania’s Inn

Bania’s Inn in Evinos River is an excellent destination. It’s just 16 km away from Nafpaktos.

There, you can enjoy your café, walk next to the river or even have rafting.

The Rafting House Outdoors in Nafpaktia gives you all necessary equipment and if you are a beginner skilled trainers will guide you so as to enjoy every moment with safety.


From Chania which is 25km away from Nafpaktos you can take the boat to Trizonia.

On this islet the cars and bikes are not allowed so you have to leave your car to Chania.

However, it’s small and easy to have its round. If you want more details and information you can have a look here: Trizonia in Fokida: The island which enchanted Onassis.


From Nafpaktos you can visit the historical city of Messolonghi and the lagoon. You can get details and more information here: Messolonghi. Sights, Lagoon and traditional Tastes

Where You Can Stay

Nafpaktos has many and good accommodation.  We stayed in Hotel Nafpaktos. It is a 3 star hotel in front of the beach in Gribovo and just 5 minutes away from the Venetian port.


In Nafpaktos you’ll find many restaurants for all tastes.

Personally, I propose the 4 Seasons at 9 Menechmou Street. It’s five minutes’ walk from the port.

Here, you’ll enjoy good dishes and tasteful tidbits.

Another suggestion is Petrino on the coastal road in Gribovo. It serves grilled and cooked dishes.

Nafpaktos is an ideal destination during the whole year.

If you want to get an idea of Nafpaktos autumn have a look here.

I thank the Go Nafpaktia for the invitation, the hospitality and the wonderful guided tour.



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