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Μονμάρτη, τί να δεις στην πιο όμορφη γειτονιά του Παρισιού

Being beautiful, romantic, full of life, Montmartre is the neighborhood which you have to visit if you find yourself in Paris.

It is built on one of the highest hills of Paris, located on the northern part of the city and belongs in the 18th district.

Since 19th century and the beginnings of 20th it was the gathering place of intellectuals and artists as Picasso, Van Gong, and Matisse. Here, used to be the area where students of the poorer social strata, cabaret women and different kind of artists gathered giving a bohemian character in this corner of Paris.

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How You Can Go in Montmartre

You can use the metro and get off at the stop Anvers. From there, you can get to the hill on foot. If you don’t want to get tired using the stairs you can get the funicular.

Don’t be afraid if it is crowded. In the wagons fit many persons so you won’t wait long in the queue.

What to See


If you choose to go up using the stairs then you must sit in front of the big church and enjoy the amazing view of Paris.

Many people prefer to lie down on the grass musing and talking. Whatever you choose, the view will make you forget your fatigue and it will make up to you.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The Basilica of Sacred Heart (Sacre-Coeur Basilica) is one of the major sights of Paris. It was built between 1875 and 1914 as tribute to the 58.000 soldiers who were killed in the French- Prussian war.

It’s bell weighs 18, 5 tones and is one of the biggest in the world.

If you’d like to visit the Basilica with a guide you can have a look here.

If you feel strong enough after the ascent and you want to see the view from the churches’ dome, then you’ll have to walk up 300 more stairs. The entrance to the dome is on the left side of the temple.

Ride with the White Train

You can enjoy another side of Montmartre in its narrow alleys having a ride on the white train.

And if you have children it’s certain that they will be thrilled.


Give to yourself the most beautiful souvenir from your visit in   Montmartre.  Ask one of the wandering painters to make your portrait. Sit before him and let yourself feel for a while as “model”.

Moulin Rouge

If you don’t intend to watch one of the shows it’s worthwhile to take some photos of Paris’ historical cabaret Moulin Rouge.

If you’d like to book tickets for one of the shows have a look here.

Stroll in Montmartre’s Alleys

Relax and enjoy a stroll into the alleys of this adored neighborhood. It will be unforgettable. It’s full of life, vividness and colors.

There are everywhere painters who set up their easels, musicians who play all kinds of instruments, people who enjoy their coffee or their lunch on the tables with the check tablecloths, voices, laughs.

If you have watched the film Amelie, then maybe you’d like to see the café Deux Moulins where the heroine worked.

Finally, the most appropriate time for a visit in Montmartre is early in the afternoon. So you’ll have time to do all these I mentioned above and on the top to enjoy a magic sunset from high hill.

If you prefer to have a guide who will reveal and show you all Montmartre’s secrets have a look here.

Have you ever visited Montmartre? Do you have something else to suggest? Share it with us in comments.


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