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If you ever find yourself at Saint Fokas beach in Tinos you must definitely visit Marathia restaurant. There, you’ll live a unique savory experience.

Marathias team insisting on quality and skillfully combines the traditional tastes with the best local products.





Saint Fokas beach is 5-6 minutes away from the port of Tinos by car.

Right next to the beach, Marathia restaurant serves during summer time its tasteful dishes. Later, and during the winter continues to operate within the restaurant hall.


Marinos Souranis, the owner is the heart of the restaurant.

He is the one who will select the best fish and seafood from the fishing boats in Chora, in Panormo and in Isternia.

Marinos and his staff take care of each client separately. They are always smiling and polite. They try to please all customers.



Marathias menu is formed every day according to the freshest products available in the local market. That’s why it changes daily.

The green salad with lettuce, arugula, gruyere, prosciutto and walnuts was just the beginning.



Then we had marinated anchovies, smoked potato croquettes with local cheese and the most delicious homemade pie I have ever tasted.

If you had to pick just one dish I would highly recommend Marathia’s pie. The pastry sheet is made every morning and the pie is prepared and baked without oil as soon as you order it.

The ingredient that makes a lot of difference is the local cheese with the pepper and the spices.


Next, we tasted White grouper with grapes, smoked potato with cheese and sauce. In the end, we had Dusky grouper with white beans and carrots.




The persistence in detail was the same at the dessert.

I preferred lemon cream and Christos chocolate cream. Even the tiny decorative of sugar paste was equally exquisite.




Tinos has exceptional local products, fresh fish and delicious cheeses.

All these along with the herbs and the fresh vegetables are Marathias motive power. And the result comes up to our expectations.

Well, next time that you’ll find yourself in Tinos and you’d like to savour unique tastes you have just one name to remember…Marathia!




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