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Recipe of Kimolos Such as I was excited about when I first came to Kimolos.

Its ingredients are “poor” but its taste and delicacy are so rich that they will remain unforgettable! It looks very much like pizza and I can say that it’s much more delicious.

The recipe I will give you today is Bebas Sardis who has the well-known restaurant in Kimolos. Mrs. Sardi, with great joy and willingness, gave me this recipe the lachanontolmathes avgolemono.


500g flour for all uses

1 dry yeast sachet

1 glass of warm water

4 tsp of olive oil

1 pinch of salt

2 dry large onions

3-4 ripe tomatoes

1/2 cup olive oil






In a bowl, dry yeast in lukewarm water. Add the oil, a pinch of salt and slowly the flour. The dough must be soft to not stick to the hands. The dough must be soft to not stick to the hands.

In a tray of about 32 cm, grease it and when it is ready, put the dough on the baking dish and try to cover the whole surface with the fingers.

We cut tomatoes in a bowl, onions (finely chopped like salad), salt, pepper and oregano. Stir and pour them over the dough, add a little of olive oil and bake at 180 for about 1 hour.

Remember when you come to Kimolos to taste ladenia and don’t forget to taste the delicious meals of Bebas Sardis in Aliki.

Did you like the recipe?

Have you ever tried ladenia of Kimolos’?

I expect your comments.


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