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Kimolos is undoubtedly the island which you’ll adore and “Kimolia Gi” is the ideal lodging to stay.

Mrs. Odigitria is the owner of the complex. She with her husband and her son George will take care of you and they will make you feel as a member of their family.








Once the ship will arrive to Psathi you’ll head for Prassa.

The road is passable except of the last part which remains dirt-road.

The port is 7 km far away. We got there late at night and the small blue signposts of “Kimolia Gi” assured us that we had the right direction.

At about two o’clock, we found George waiting for us at the edge of the road.  He wanted to guide us safely at home which was on the highest point of a hill.


Mrs. Odigitria is getting ready to send the breakfast in the basket to one of the houses of the complex


“Kimolia Gi” complex is operating since 2009 and is consisted of 5 studios and 3 detached houses.

Liza Morfoniou watched over all houses and the restaurant, the so called “Kouzinaki”.

The detached house on the top of the hill where we stayed is ideal for families or a big company.

The view to the sea from the big porch was enchanting.

The house has two bedrooms, a big living room and is decorated in the style of ‘60.



The house on the top of the hill



The view from the porch, ahead Prassonisi and back Polyegos



The main bedroom



The second bedroom




The living room




The breakfast in “imolia Gi” was everyday a surprise for us.  It was rich in local traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients from the owners’ vegetable garden.

We savored the most tasteful, crunchy ladenia (local traditional pie) of Kimolos.

We tasted Juicy orange and chocolate cakes, delicious rizogalo, fresh fruits full of fragrances and marmalades made by Mrs. Odigitria.

In “Kouzinaki” and in consultation with the owners you can enjoy lunch or dinner and unique cocktails based on tsipouro, mastic and local wine. All made by George.

We spent there a wonderful relaxing afternoon with my friends enjoying our café and tasting the delicious spoon sweet (bergamot). Treat of the owner.



Mrs. Odigitria is standing in front of the breakfast buffet




George while is getting ready fresh juices and café






In “Kimolia Gi”, you can learn how to make the delicious ladenia and bake it in the wood stove.

You may also make with Mrs. Odigitria tomato paste from local cherry tomatoes or even marmalades. But you must arrange it earlier.

They organize also rides on donkeys as well as the round of the island by a boat.

It’s certain that you’ll not be bored during your stay.

“Kimolia Gi” will be engraved in your heart along with precious memories and why not?

It may become your destination for the years to come.


For more informations:
Kimolia Gi
+30 22870 51192
+30 6976 500 131


*I was a guest of the Κimolia Gi but as always opinions are my own.



Kimolia Gi Suites

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