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It isn’t difficult to organize a trip. What you need is programming and a list that’ll help you to achieve your goal.

At this post I’ll show you what steps I follow when I organize a trip. But let’s do it step by step.

3-6 Months Before

The Destination is the Beginning!

Decide on your destination based on your budget. Do remember that when you are planning a trip ahead before, you can find cheaper air tickets and you have time to save the money that you’ll need.


Find out whether you can travel using your ID or you need passport or Visa too. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months. The countries where you need visa may not allow you the entry if your passport expires in short term. Also make sure that you have recent photo that it isn’t timeworn and not one from the school years.


Take your time and make a research for a hotel on Booking or for room or apartment on Airbnb. Prefer accommodation that is outside downtown but near to metro station. The prices are lower. Also, choose those that have deadlines for a free cancelation. So if something goes wrong you’ll be sure that you won’t lose your deposit money.

1 Month Before

Maps – Routes

Download maps and check the routes that you are interesting in. Check first the route from the airport to the hotel. Find the mean which is the most convenient for you.


Taking into account the days of your stay decide on which sights you are interesting in and you want to visit. Make a list for each day of your stay.

Remember that it’s better to miss some things and not have a heavy and exhausting programme.

Don’t forget that you are on vacation. You must have some relaxing moments in a park; have a coffee while you’ll be enjoying the view. You wouldn’t rather go from one sight to the other. In any case the trips are tiring since you are all day on the road. So let’s not make it more exhausting than it takes!

By the moment you decide on which sights you want definitely to visit, book the tickets online. You’ll save money and you’ll avoid queues and trouble when you’ll get there.

Booking Confirmation

Finally, send an E-mail to the hotel saying the date of your arrival and check your flight. Once, a flight had canceled and they hadn’t informed me. I accidentally downloaded an application of the airline and saw it. I filled in the number and the date of my flight and a message appeared saying that the flight didn’t exist. You can understand what happened. Fortunately, they returned the money and I booked tickets in another airline.

A Week Before

Camera- Video camera

Check your camera and your video camera. Find the spare batteries. Check and gather the charger and the cables you’ll be needed.

Clothes- Shoes

Decide on the clothes you’ll get with you. Make sure they are clean. Do the same with the shoes.

Check In

Make online check in as soon as it opens and print it or store it in your mobile phone (if you want to be sure, do both).

A Day Before

The big moment has arrived. Now you start counting the hours till the dream begins to come real.


Get ready your suitcase. Think and select wisely the clothes you’ll get with you. Don’t take all your clothes. Remember that you must have space in your suitcase for those things you might buy from your trip. That’s why you don’t have to be carried away.

Credit card-Money

At the same time prepare the bag you’ll take. Put in the tickets, your ID or your passport and your credit card. If you have more than one credit cards don’t take them all with you. Choose the most convenient for you.

Don’t put all the money you’ll get with you in your wallet. Share them in 2-3 different spots.Here, you’ll read an article about the 10 ways to travel safely.


Finally, book a space in Easy Air Park. You’ll save yourself from trouble and anxiety. You’ll get there, you’ll park your car and the employees of the parking will take you to the airport and you’ll catch your flight. When you’ll return they’ll come and take you back to your car. The Easy Air Park is open 24 hours.

Otherwise, call a taxi to take you to the airport at least 3 hours before your departure time.

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