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When you have a big wanderlust but a really limited budget, one thing is for sure:
Ryanair is your best friend.
Let me explain.

The following story, of my latest trip to Bucharest, is the example to make my point.



Some time ago I received a mail from Ryanair with the latest offers for various destinations:
It was a traveler’s bliss.
Before even finishing scrolling down the destinations, I was checking my calendar for available dates. And there, without even realizing it, I had booked myself to Bucharest.

There was not much to think really!

The total cost for everything including taxes and return tickets was only 20 euros. Even if everything went wrong and Mr. Merphy was ready to mess with me, all I would lose would be 20 euros. I was willing to take the risk.


Of course, there were friends and family that openly expressed their concerns and were surprised by my impulsiveness. I joked on their objections and -naturally- played it cool although, I confess, I shared some of these worries too.

On my way to the airport I was thinking to myself that this could be a marketing trick and maybe they would find an excuse to cancel the flight. Or even worse that, I would fly all the way to Bucharest only to find out that the return flight is being canceled and I get trapped in Romania.

Crazy thoughts that of course proved wrong.



The flight was right on schedule and everything went smoothly both on the way as in return.

The company’s app, that I had download on my phone, kept informing me during the whole trip about the schedule, something that I found of great value. The day before the return flight for example, I was notified that there would be delays in security control in the airport of Bucharest. It was great to know beforehand that I had to be two hours earlier in the airport. Everything went beautifully. Both flights were right on schedule and I couldn’t help but notice that some of the passengers I traveled with on my way to Bucharest were also on the same return flight as mine.

It looks that I wasn’t the only one to benefit from this offer.

It might sound like a lie but it is not:

With only one right dimension-ed carry on at hand you can travel a lot more than you might think.


Concluding, I find that paying less is not always cheap.

If you want to travel more but keep low cost, then Ryanair is by far the best solution.

Have you traveled with Ryanair yet?
Have you stumbled upon any of their offers?
Where you satisfied with your choice?
Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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