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I didn’t have the chance to stay in Porto Scoutari, but I had the pleasure and the honor to be hosted there for an afternoon with the team of Travel Blogger Greece by the owner Mrs. Elina Scoutari.

Mrs. Scoutari is so communicative, polite and hospitable. We enjoyed the delicacies that had prepared for us having the feeling that we were her beloved persons. We had a very interesting conversation with her about the island and the hotel that is her whole life.




PortoScoutari hotel is built over the Meloi beach of Patmos and on the top of a small plain. It is registered among the 100 most romantic hotels of the world.

In 2001, the hotel construction finished. The personal touch of the owner is everywhere. PortoScoutari is just 10 minutes away of the port.

Having the warmth of a private villa and a refined aesthetics diffused in all spaces, PortoScoutari is an ode to the romance and the finesse.






The outdoor terrace in front of the wonderful heart shaped pool it’s the ideal spot to begin your day enjoying your breakfast.

From the reception area to the bar-restaurant there is the stamp of something special and refined.

The unique and stylish furnitures create an intimate atmosphere and take the visitor to an era of different values.

I remember hanging around at the reception of PortoScoutari trying to capture with my camera the unique atmosphere.






I loved PortoScoutari and I keep it in my heart. I adored the atmosphere of the old and priceless that there was everywhere. I adored the romance and the finesse that PortoScoutari exudes.

According to my opinion, the staying in PortoScoutari is a unique experience and is ideal for persons who are in love no matter how old they are.


Hotel Porto Scoutari
Phone: +30 22470 33123





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