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Dimitsana is a well known winter destination for Greece. Although we chose to visit this beautiful place during autumn.  And it turned out to be a very wise choice. We were enchanted by the beauty of the scenery.  This is not a post for Dimitsana though.
There is definitely a post, full of photographs, coming soon exclusively for this amazing place with the rich history and tradition. But first, let me start this guide from the guest house we stayed at, that was a real surprise to visit.

“En Dimitsani”

I must admit that I am always impressed by people who are passionate for their work and have a clear vision for what they do that guides them.
The owners of the guest house “En Dimitsani” Stefanos and Nikoleta are exactly that kind of people. This young couple is the mastermind behind the stone built gem that decorates the best location of the village. In the entrance of the village, with a view to the canyon you can find “En Dimitsani”. It has a big parking space and 10 welcoming rooms each one decorated in a unique style and resembling only in one element: the respect in the local tradition.

The balcony of our room -as of every other room too- has a beautiful view to the canyon and partly to the village that looks like a gem hanging on top of the mountain.



Τhe reception area travels the guest to another era.  One of times past gone, one that brings memories filled of sweetness and nobility.









I simply adored the room we stayed in.
The furnitures were made of raw wood. The floors were covered with wool and leather carpets, almost like a room of a house one would find in the middle of a veldt. Everything taken care of to the last detail.




In front of the fireplace a bottle of rakomelo was waiting for us. As we learnt later on the rakomelo is made by Stefanos himself to treat his guests. I must admit in shame that I drunk it all by myself.
It was amazing!
Christos simply kept looking at me in astonishment every time I filled the next glass as I am known to usually drink nothing more than plain water and sodas.




During our stay in the guest house, we had a guardian angel to look after us and cater us as every other guest of the hotel -Iordanis.

He was there to make our stay unforgettable and answer happily in every single one of our questions. He would randomly check on us to make sure we had a great time and he even did the exception of opening for our eyes only the (otherwise closed for that day) museum house of Patriarch Gregory the 5th. We felt so well pampered that it was refreshing!
Our assumption is that apart of taking really well care of the hotel establishments, the owners were really wise & careful with the choice of the personnel. They couldn’t have chosen a better person than Iordanis.
But the pleasant surprises continued in our room’s bathroom too.


mpaniou-leptomereiesEven in this space the attention in detail was profound.
Women would understand this better as they would appreciate the little things like the toiletries  being of a really quality brand.



BREAKFAST IN “En Dimitsani”

I could be writing pages and pages for the breakfast we indulged in “En Dimitsani” as it has nothing to do with breakfast in any other hotel we have visited so far.
For one the juice was freshly squeezed for us!



The plates were served on a traditional wooden plateaux that matched perfectly with the traditional style of rest hotel.



Handmade pies, marmalades and frumenty all freshly made.



The outmost culinary surprise though came with the fried maple leaves. They were heavenly.



Even Christos who prefers traditional tastes and is not a fan of experimenting in his meals nodded with pleasure after tasting them.

Overall the guest house “En Dimitsani” has enchanted us!
Our experience there is a proof that when people do what they love and they do it well the result is always going to be superb.

Many thanks to Stefano & Nikoleta -and if I am allowed- Iordanis as well for a beautiful hospitality.

* I was honoured to be a guest in “En Dimitsani” guest house, but as always all opinions in this article are my own.

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