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The hotel Ganimede in Galaxidi is the definition of hospitality.

The exterior of the building didn’t impress me. Probably, because you cannot see it from the road.  We followed the tiled green corridor and surprisingly we found ourselves in a flowered courtyard which hided small wonderful spots.

It was like this path leaded us to Eden!  




Ganimede Hotel

The hotel operated for the first time in Galaxidi in 1966. Then, the owner was the Italian Brunello Perroco. And in 2003, Kostas and Chrisoula Papalexi took over it. Kostas has also the family bakery in the central square of Galaxidi. The bakery supplies the hotel with cookies and bread for the breakfast.

The hotel is an old captain’s house of the 19th century. At the center of the building overlooks the big yard which is full of flower pots and parterres with flowers. Here is where the breakfast is served. The 7 rooms, the two suites and the two studios are extended into the main building but also in neighboring. Each one of them has small courtyards like real oasis.

During winter, the breakfast is served next to the fireplace or in the special protected heated garden!  




Entering in the main building the floor and the wooden staircase that leads upstairs caught my attention. The whole space is decorated with objects that take you to the past and bring in mind nostalgic icons.




The Rooms in Ganimede Hotel

Our room as well as the others was one more surprise for me. I was lucky enough to have Chrisoula Papalexi as a guide.

In the main building-where we stayed- the rooms have the style of an old captain’s house. They are romantic with lacy curtains, wooden floors and iron beds and touch every woman’s sensitive side that cannot but adore them.

The newly renovated studios on the back side will fill with enthusiasm every visitor! Generally, all the rooms I visited either small or larger were perfectly cared up to the last detail. Honestly speaking I felt that I could live there for the rest of my life. I could just change room every one or two months!

The Awarded Breakfast

The bases for this lovely breakfast of Ganimede’s hotel belong to the first owner, the Italian Brunello. But Chrisoula Papalexi who has incredible energy, enthusiasm, innovating ideas and has worked too much managed to “take off” the business along with its reputation. The corroboration of her efforts was the award of her breakfast as the best and most prototype breakfast in the whole prefecture of Fokida.






She herself with the wonderful smile serves her customers because she has chosen to have personal contact with them and not the buffet service.

The breakfast in Ganimede hotel changes every day and is hearty.  Even if you travel alone, pick a big table. Chrisoula will propose you so many choices that you’ll need space in your table and in your stomach too!



Activities in Ganimede Hotel

In the hotel, Chrisoula shares generously her recipes and her cooking secretes. For those who are interested, she organizes cooking courses where someone can learn how to make a pastry sheet, marmalades, sauces, to bake breads, cookies and so many other things. All you need is high spirits and appetite!

The day that we arrived at the hotel a cooking course had just finished and Marleen and Johannes, a young couple, showed me the certification for their participation in Chrisoula’s course.



But Ganimede’s hotel activities aren’t only the cooking courses.

The visitor has the possibility to rent a catamaran with a skipper or without- if he has the diploma- for some hours or even days.

You can have more information on their website.

Generally, someone can choose from the following:


-Water ski


-Spear fishing or

-Just swimming on the beaches accessible by boat.

The hotel often hosts groups for Yoga retreat, meditation and relaxation.

On the hotel’s website you’ll find more information as well as the famous Chrisoula’s recipes.

Ganimede hotel isn’t just a proposal for a comfortable stay, but an experience that you mustn’t miss if you find yourself in Galaxidi.

In my channel on You Tube you’ll find a small illustrative video for the hotel.


*I was a guest of the Ganimede Hotel but as always opinions are my own.

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