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If you are looking for a place to calm, to get rest and relax Galaxidi is the ideal destination.  Galaxidi is a quiet town that is washed by the Corinthian Gulf and reminiscent of an island. It’s a romantic retreat for couples in love.

In The Alleys of Galaxidi

Galaxidi has been declared Historic Preserved Settlement since 1967.

Walking through its roads and its narrow alleys with the old captain’s houses it’s just a pleasure. There, you can admire the mansions with the colorful doors and windows, the iron door knobs and the impressive female figureheads on their façade that seem to hang in the void.

Inevitably your steps will take you to the main harbor and if   you continue to walk till its end and a little further you’ll find yourself in Hirolaka. Hirolaka is Galaxidi’s old harbor. They say that the naming was made after the widows that were gathering here when other women waited for their husbands at the old harbor.

Right across of the main harbor is the forest Pera Panta. Many years ago the locals planted themselves the trees. Don’t miss to take a stroll here. The ideal hour is in the afternoon during the sun set.

What You Can See

High on the hill you can visit the church of Agios Nikolaos. There, you’ll admire the impressive wood- curved icon screen and a relief of the Old and New Testament. The artist is the famous Anastasios Moschos from Metsovo.

You can also see the church of Agia Paraskevi with the Sundial.

Do visit the Nautical Museum which situated at Museum and St.Niarchos Street in the area of Agia Paraskevi. It’s one of the most beautiful nautical museums of Greece.

It is open Tuesday to Sunday 09.30-15.30.  Ticket cost 3 Euros.

Tel/fax 2265041795.

Stop to the old Girls’ School which it was built in 1880 and operated till 1929. Today hosts cultural events.

Walk up to the Monastery of Sotiros on the hill of Agia Triada. From there you can enjoy a unique view.

In Galaxidi operates also a Municipal Library.

Where You Can Swim

In Galaxidi you’ll find organized beaches as the Nautical Club and Kalafatis.

At the Pine forest in Pera Panta you’ll find many small bays which are ideal for swimming. At the end of the course and right next to the School of Tourism you’ll find Kentri beach.

Where You Can Stay

In Galaxidi there are many hotels and hospice. We stayed in Ganimede Hotel. It is a renovated captain’s house of 19th century. It serves the most delicious breakfast in Fokida which is awarded. Here you can read an article with more details.

Where You Can Eat

Along the way to the main harbor you’ll find restaurants, taverns and beautiful café.

I suggest trying the famous kelemia of Galaxidi and more dishes and tidbits in Bebelis tavern. It is situated in a small alley close to the harbor.

Here you’ll read the whole article.

N.Mama 20-22, tel.2265 041677.

Also the tavern Skeletovrahos on the edge of the harbor serves delicious fish tidbits and unique tastes.

You can find more details at this article.

Constantine Satha 36, tel. 2265041303

More Activities

In Galaxidi, you can rent a craft with a skipper or without him if you have a sailing diploma.

You can also have diving, snorkeling, and water ski or just to swim at the beaches that you can approach by boat. For more information you have to address yourself to Delphi Sails.

Finally in Ganimede hotel, Chrisoula organizes courses for those who are interested in learning how to make pastry sheet, homemade marmalades and sauces or to bake bread.

How You Can Go To Galaxidi

Galaxidi is 218 Km away from Athens. You can get there in 2, 5 hours by your car or you can rent one.

You can also use the Bus of KTEL Fokida and of course you can go by a craft.

Galaxidi resembles a romantic stroll, with the morning sea breeze, with the first heartbeat. It’s like your first love that you’ll never forget.  The next time you’ll search a destination for a weekend do remember it.

In my YouTube channel you’ll find a small video about Galaxidi. You can watch it here.

 Have you ever been in Galaxidi? What did you like most?  I am waiting for your opinion!


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