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Today I am taking you for a walk near a waterfall.

The Waterfall of Ntrafi.
Also, given the opportunity, I have a confession to make.

Up until now, the only waterfalls I new of where the Niagara Falls. They were the first ones I was taught in school.
Later on I learned that Edessa is also privileged with waterfalls and since then the city got upgraded prestige-wise in my mind. The reason being simple. A plain city, any city, is far less beautiful compared to a city with waterfalls (If you try to picture this I am sure you will agree with me).

It was only recently that I heard of the Ntrafi waterfall.


By the moment the information inserted my mind, that was it! I could not stop thinking about it. Bali, the Caribbean and even the Bahamas were all at once erased from my map. All exotic destinations were deleted and my mind was glued to visiting this neighborhood-y waterfall. It became something like an obsession. I had to see it with my own eyes. So one fine day I set off to find it -dragging (of course) along in this adventure the dear husband.



For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Ntrafi is a region located on the foothill of Penteli just above Pikermi. From the main junction of Pikermi you follow the signs while staying on the left lane and without turning to Dioni. We actually followed the instructions of the GPS and it was very easy to find. From our house the distance was something like only 20 minutes. We crossed mountains and valleys (so to speak) and reached to a point where the sensual voice of Mrs. GPS announced us that we had arrived to our destination. Problem was: the waterfall was nowhere to be seen. And as there was no more road for the car to move any further, we got off the car and tried to listen carefully.

We could hear laughter and voices and at the background something that sounded like running water. We headed towards that direction and yes! There it was! I could see it from above.

To get closer though I had to walk down a really narrow trail that lead spiraling down to the canyon. Crumbling down that path and getting hurt was not what concerned me as much as getting the camera there safe in one piece.

On our way down that path we crossed ways with many ascending visitors of the waterfall, something that confirmed my thoughts that this place has it’s very own loyal visitors.



The place is perfect for either a walk or a picnic. The water falling from above forms a beautiful small lake. The whole scenery as it is shaped between the mountains gives the impression of an idyllic destination even if it is just a few hours far from the center of Athens.

If you ever find yourself in this area, don’t forget to visit the the waterfall of Ntrafi. It is absolutely worth climbing the mountain to see this.

And do not ask why…

The answer is simple.

Niagara Falls are too far away for us here.

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