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In my travels, when I plan an excursion or when I want to visit a sight I never appeal to travel agencies.

On the contrary, I like to search and to dig out ways of approach by using the transportation means. A very important reason is the economical factor too. So we did when we travelled to Constantinople ( Istanbul ).

Prigiponisia were a destination that I wanted so much to visit. I was influenced by the books and the stories that I had heard.

Thus, we  visited a travel agency, we got informed about the cost and we decided to follow our well- known way “asking you can go everywhere” that always was  a credit to us.



When I visited Constantinople (Istanbul) for the first time the boat for Prigiponisia departed from Kabatas. This meant that you had to take the tram in the direction of Kabatas up to the end of the route and then to take the boat. Not difficult at all.

Now it’s even simpler.  The itineraries start from Eminonou. Eminonou is located in the center and is a point which as long as you are in Constantinople you’ll pass over and over again.

So, wherever the starting point is, the trip to Prigiponisia becomes as simple as a walk on the Eminonou Bridge and it costs as much as a boat ticket!


The Prigiponisia are nine. Four of them are inhabited and five not. For the Greeks of Constantinople had been the beloved destination for their summer vacation.

Τhe cars are not allowed on the islands, so you can browse  by a bicycle or a carriage.

The trip by the boat lasts almost an hour and the first stop is at the Chalcedon Dock (Kadikoy).

The next stop is the island Proti (Kinaliada). Here, you can visit the church which is dedicated to the Presentation of Virgin Mary and the Monastery of the Transfiguration too.

Right after is the Antegone Island (Burgazada). It is considered the most beautiful of the Prigiponisia.

Then is Chalky (Heybeliada) which is known for its Theological School

and in the end Prigipos (Buyukada) which is the biggest island of all.


We decided not to visit all islands so we chose just Prigipo (Prince Island).

It’s worthwhile to rent a carriage to have the round of the island. During the route you’ll have the chance to admire wonderful and impressive manors of the 19th century.

The large gardens, the beautiful green courtyards, the flowers and the greenery will enchant you.

Ask the coachman not to hurry up or you’d better tell him “yavas yavas”. So you’ll be able to enjoy the landscape and the route.

During summer time, the island hosts many holidaymakers so in the center of the city you’ll find many places for food, coffee, drink or shops to buy souvenirs.

In Prigipo, you’ll see the building of the old orphanage and the monastery of Saint George Koudounas. Saint George is the miraculous saint of the island. Every Easter many pilgrims orthodox and Muslims who believe in the Saint are gathering here in order to genuflect and to bring their offerings.  The monastery is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the island and the view will impress you.

Make sure you know the last itinerary for your return and enjoy this unique experience of the beautiful Prigipo!

Have you ever visited Constantinople (Istanbul)?

Have you ever gone to Prigiponisia?

Write in comments your impressions.



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