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Where Can I Put my Books? Figurative Deco Solutions


There’s nothing better than reading a book. Scientists say that reading helps the brain function properly.

But if the books you’ve collected are too many. If you are looking for ideas and ways to make them work on the one hand but also to emerge in the space, then you are in the right place because from here you will get many ideas and inspiration.

Books Go everywhere!

First of all, keep in mind that books go everywhere! They do not necessarily have to be in a library in the classical sense. You can put them on shelves in your living room, in the hallway, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, even on the floor!

Ιnnovative shelves

Do not confine yourself to the classic shelves from one end of the wall to the other. Let your imagination go free, and if you get your hands on it, make shelves in original shapes. If you’re not into carpentry then you can give the dimensions and the design to a professional to make them.

Wooden Tree with shelves

Books in bedroom

If you don’t have a small office in the bedroom, then you can use the space at the bottom of the bed or the side to put your books there. That way you’ll have it handy when you lie down and want to read a little before bedtime.

Recesses, Entrances and Partitions

Some recesses in room walls can be used to put on books. Also the entrance area Even the low furniture which separate beautifully a room.

Books on the floor

Yes, why not? We can put the books on the floor as well.

We put one above the other the books next to a sofa and we have a very utilitarian and useful (in many ways) coffee table. The same happens when the “peculiar” table is placed next to our bed.

Books in Stairs

The stairs are still a place where we can get the books settled in many different ways.

We can use some recess although it is small, to put books there. We can still fill the wall of the ladder with shelves for our books or simply make a peculiar handrail of wooden frames for them.

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