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The Cultural Park of Keratea (free tickets)


Many a time in this blog I have written about how much I admire people living with a vision. The ones who can transform simple everyday ideas into magical experiences.

And my admiration is even higher for those people who love, respect and cater traditions and further more, care to pass them on to the next generations.


The Cultural Park of Keratea offers exactly this paradigm. So apart from nearby getaways in “small breathing spaces in the center of Athens”, this is another beautiful, interesting and kids friendly destination, just a bit further away from the center.


Very close to Athens, in a green area children can have a small taste of life in a traditional village. They can see vineyards, olive groves, a traditional wood stove, and even a watermill!

They can familiarize with some of the trades and crafts of the past and follow courses that will guide them through the rural everyday life of times gone by.







The courses offer a variety of themes about herbs, spices, toys and crafts of the past, olives, bread and grape harvesting. The children are encouraged to learn by actively participating under the guidance of experienced professionals. They have the opportunity to step into a real grape-stomping process, powder wheatgrass in the treadmill, feed a goat, take a ride on a donkey and finally have fun while learning.



During this season the Park is offering the environmental program “The Season of the Dinosaurs”.


Children can walk around real sized replicas of dinosaurs and learn everything about evolution stages on the planet.


This program is meant to cultivate an ecological conscience and that is why you will also find included representations of other species of animals that are under threat of extinction.


Via Attiki Odos with direction towards Markopoulo. After the end of the Attiki Odos you keep straight ahead, following the Lavriou Avenue and you will find the Park on your right.

The Park is open during all weekdays as well as weekends. It is highly advisable that you call before visiting in order to avoid getting caught in the midst of school visits. Calling before visiting is also advised in case that you want to participate in any of the interactive courses.
Contact Phone 22990-42100
Ticket cost is 4 euros per person. In case of participation in any of the courses the ticket cost is 6 euros per person.


I am happy to announce that I have two family invitations to gift to you.
Two families will be able to participate in the educational program “The season of the Dinosaurs” offered by the Cultural Park of Keratea.

Each invitation is valid for 2 adults and 2 children (or alternatively for 1 adult with 3 children) and can be used until the 28/02/2017 (and only during the weekends).

In order to win:

1). Complete the participation form below.

2). Like and Share the “Eikones & Psithyroi” page in Facebook.

3). Like and Share this contest announcement in Facebook after leaving a comment.

Participation is open until Friday 20th of January at 12:00 midnight.

The results will be announced on Saturday 21st of January in the Facebook page of “Eikones & Psithyroi” as well as in this blog post.

NOTE: Please fill in the form with actual personal information as the names of the winners will be given to the entrance of the Park.
Finally do keep in mind that in order for the entries to be valid all three steps must have been accomplished. The validity of each participation will be carefully examined and all participants that have not complied to the above rules will be excluded.

Good Luck!


The winners are:

Konstantina Solakidou

Maria Anousaki

I’ll send you the invitations via your email.

Always be lucky my ladies!


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