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Decorate with lemons, Give Color and Aroma to Your Home

I confess I love the color of lemons as well as their scent. I love yellow, I find it cheerful, optimistic and hopeful as color. I also love the aroma of lemons. That’s why the idea of decorating the house with Lemons has thrilled me.

So I searched and found the most beautiful ideas and I present to you.

Lemons on the table

Place the lemons in jars as a base for the flowers. It is sure that their color will draw all eyes.

Using some usable objects such as bowls and jugs concentrated on a tray and with the help of flowers and lemons We create a wonderful result.

Finally, with yellow wildflowers in a vase, a cake base that we use as a “separator” and some lemons in a oblong platter we can have an excellent composition for one of our Sunday tables.

Lemons in doors and walls

A Sticker with a lemon tree on the kitchen door or on the wall of the child’s decreases or a wallpaper at the entrance will give a completely different form to the space.

Lemons in wreaths

I love wreaths in general. I like it at the front door and in the house. On the mantelpiece, on a wall, even caught in a hanger in the kitchen. Let alone when it comes to wreaths with the wonderful color of lemons!

Lemons in fabrics

I’m sure when you read the title “Lemons in Fabrics” your mind went straight to drapes, curtains or tablecloths for the kitchen. But in the photos that follow I will prove to you that lemon design is not only suitable for the kitchen but also in other places with the same success.

Lemons in pots

Finally, for me there is no nicer pot for inside the house than a lemon tree!

I don’t know how easy it is to maintain it, because my “I want” came face to face with my husband’s who preferred a lemon tree planted in our garden and eventually became his. But at some point I’m going to take that lemon pot that I dream of. I’ll put it in my living room and as long as it lasts. Just to realize my dream!

Do you love yellow and lemons? You liked these ideas? Leave a comment if you still have something to add.


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