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Amsterdam: Traveling in a fairy tale


Amsterdam, one trip, five days, four nights, a thousand photos…

Of all those photos I did not discard even one of them. I could not even distinguish some to be better than the others.

It was a fairytale trip in a place that feels exactly like the inside of a fairy tale story: Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

Strolling around the roads feels like you have jumped inside one of those storybooks that you read as a child…you stand still to admire the canals traversing the town, the beautiful houses dating back to the 15th, 16th or 17th century and you just cannot believe it’s true… it’s like living in a dream.






A hundred kilometres of canals, 1500 bridges… and flowers everywhere!





Passing you by in silence are endless bicycles with people of all ages. Their bicycles are loaded with baskets full of groceries. Some of them have seats or trailers attached in which they carry their children.




The tranquillity of this busy city is really astonishing. The people are so peaceful and calm. It must definitely be due to the fact that cars are so few compared to the countless (literally countless) bicycles.

Of the five days I spent there I only heard honking once (!) and it was a surprise… only one honking in five days… so impressive!

This was a trip I had been planning since December.

The hotel I booked was situated right in the heart of Amsterdam and that came with advantages and disadvantages.

On the “pros” was that within walking distance I found myself in all most remarkable sightseeing as well as the shops, the flower market and the main station to hop on any means of transport towards any destination including the airport.



On the “cons” was that living in such a central point included having around us streets with a bad reputation, noisy, filled with tourists, bars, restaurants and much dirtier than the rest of the city.
When booking a hotel for a place you have never visited before, it only comes naturally that you pick the one near points of interest.

Despite the above though, the one thing I will certainly never forget of that hotel would be looking outside the window. We had a great view of the canal, the people passing by the bridge and the floating bars with their people singing out loud as they slowly travelled on the river.



Amsterdam is perfect for slow walks and even slower boat rides in the canals. There is no rush here to see as many sightseeings as possible like in Rome for example.


But don’t get me wrong. Amsterdam does have many interesting places to visit. For example the beautiful parks, the old Royal Palace of Dam, the Madame Tussaud’s museum of wax figures, the Van Gogh museum.



…above all do not miss a visit to the botanical park Keukenhof along with a mini trip to the Dutch countryside.

In these two visits, I took a small taste of heaven and just for that they are worth a special blog post.





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