I am Tzina and I am in the mature age of 50 plus. I am mother of 4 sons and I already have grandchildren from my two eldest boys. Since 2007 I am a blogger.

In the spring of 2016 Eikones & Psithyroi was created. In 2017 it was stood out among the top 10 Greek travel blogs by Culture Trip. You may read some of my interviews and learn more things about me.

Besides my trips I love decoration too. I want to embellish the space where I live. To give my personal touch. My own color. One of my favorite habits is to surf in internet finding pictures with beautiful homes, tracing ideas, inspiring and creating through all these.

This is how Eikones & Psithyroi from a travel blog was evolved into a travel and Lifestyle blog!

I am addressing all the 50plus like me who are searching the inspiration and the joy of life through travels, adventures flavors and moments of daily happiness.