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6+1 Tips for Would- be Travel Bloggers


You hear about travels and all kinds of destinations and you feel jealous, you dream of them. You desire to travel in exotic places, to eat in wonderful restaurants. You want to become a travel blogger like those you read in instagram. But how can you make it?

What Does it Need?

Firstly I have to get you down from the “pink cloud” and to tell you that you have to devote a lot of your time. If you work, you must forget what leisure time means. Probably you’ll have to get up very early in the morning or to go to sleep late at night if you want to be on time. Most of us (I talk generally for bloggers) we sleep around 2-3 at night or we get up around 4-5 in the morning. Of course I talk about those who have a main job and they ensure their living, because if you expect blogging to secure your livelihood (at least not in the beginning) you’re mistaken.

At the same time the whole “attempt” will cost you a lot of money. May be when you’ll be known you’ll have propositions and invitations to write an article. Nevertheless, you must pay and bear the costs for your transfer to and from your destination. This means transportation, fuel, tolls and airline tickets to and from the country of your destination.

It will take you much time in order others cover your transportation costs and still it’s not certain.

Photo by Lonely Planet on Unsplash

1. Love for Travels

The main and the most important thing is your love for travels. Do not hurry up to answer “of course” because seeing photographs and imaging yourself in beautiful places and living the reality with all difficulties you may cope with are two different things.

Because now your trips won’t be for “pleasure”. As a professional you’ll have to cover some agreements.  So necessarily you must move according to the project needs. This means that your leisure time will be restricted.  Many times you’ll be obliged to get up early in the morning for a photographing, or to follow an exhausting programme and to go back to the hotel late at night and you’ll have courage just for a shower.

Alongside, when you’ll visit a restaurant your first caring won’t be to taste the delicacies on your table but to take many and good pictures that will enrich your article. In the mean time the delicacies will get cold.

Since we are sure that you like travelling, you love to be with a suitcase in your hand, to cope with the unpredictable and all the difficulties with stoicism, the next step is to create a blog. No matter strange it seems this is the easy part.

2. Creating A Blog

If you want to create a blog, you must enjoy writing and of course you must write well. I don’t mean just the spelling, but the structure of the texts. Your writings have to be understood and structured.

If you have decided that travelling will be your hobby and you’ll have fun without any ambition, then the platform blogger or wordpress.com will be fine for you.

But if your ambition is to be a professional as a travel blogger and   to make money of it you must start as a professional. This means that you’ll select the platform wordpress.org.

The wordpress.org offers you many options in order to give shape to your blog. It has a simple administrative environment and when you learn it everything is easy going. And the most important is designed for professionals!

3.  Domain Name & Hosting

Once you decided that you’ll develop your love for travels and   become a professional, you have to pick the right domain name and hosting service that will host your blog and its servers.

A domain name costs 15-20 and lasts two years. I bought mine from Papaki and I am very pleased.

An Important Tip

 Pay special attention at the selection of your domain name. It must be representative and short.  An easily remembered name. Mine “Eikones & Psithyroi” isn’t short and I don’t believe that is easily to remember it.  But when I chose it I was an amateur and I couldn’t believe then that it could become so. When the things altered, it was too late to change it because Eikones & Psithyroi was already known.  So a change would harm me. But you that you are starting now choose carefully the name and do not take a frivolous decision.

Eikones & Psithyroi hosting is at the managed hosting of Inkstory. It’s economical and has excellent technical support and daily backups.          

So, no matter what will happen I am sure that my blog is in “good hands” and I can sleep like a baby regarding its security.

4. Travel Themes

The next step is to choose a representative travel theme for your blog. Fortunately in wordpress you can find innumerous choices for free or not. They have continuous upgrades and updates and cover every need and taste. Here you may see some and have an idea.

At the same time, you can find many plugings that will give more possibilities to your site and will improve its functionality.

5. Social Media

The interactivity with your readers through the social media is necessary and you’ll have to work on it. Through your professional page in facebook or your account in instagram your audience will learn you and will communicate with you. At the same time your presence in social media is a kind of business card for all kinds of brands that might be interested in working with you in the future.

6. Media Kit

Every travel blogger that respects himself must have a media kit of his work. The media kit is the “resume” of your blog.  You’ll send it to the companies in order to be in contact for a professional collaboration.

Through this, you’ll give general information about the blog (when it started, who you are that you handle it etc), statistical elements for its visitors, the followers, the collaborations and the contact info (e-mail, phone number etc).

In canva you’ll find prototypes that you can accommodate them according to your taste and “click” on them in order to create a perfect media kit.

7. Work…Work…Work

Finally, if you want to achieve your goals you have to work.  This is what you need to do. You have to work seriously.

Nothing is granted and nothing will happen just by luck if you haven’t worked for it.  Forget all these that you did on your leisure time. Now you have to be in front of your laptop, to read relevant articles, to keep up to date, to watch what’s happening, to practice and to learn.

If this article was useful you can write me. I’ll be glad to answer to your questions.

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