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I am Τzina and Eikones & Psithyroi is a Travel & Lifestyle Blog for all of us who are 50plus. Through my travels and using my camera as a “weapon” I hope to inspire you and give you useful information for destinations in Greece and in Europe. I’d love to give you suggestions for restaurants, decoration ideas, tips and recipes from all over the world. So let’s travel!

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Messolonghi: Sights, Lagoon and Traditional Tastes

By the moment the plan of our visit to Nafpaktos came in my hands, the first thing that thrilled me was the scheduled visit to Messolonghi.Till then I have never been to Messolonghi. I hadn’t even heard any kind of descriptions of friends. It was a totally unknown…

Galaxidi: Serene and Romantic

If you are looking for a place to calm, to get rest and relax Galaxidi is the ideal destination. Galaxidi is a quiet town that is washed by the Corinthian Gulf and reminiscent of an island. It’s a romantic retreat for couples in love.In The Alleys of…

Vacation in Kimolos, All You Have to Know!

This year, thanks to the hospitality of Afentakeio Foundation I had the great joy and the honor to get to know our own Polynesia of Cyclades, the wonderful island of Kimolos.Afentakeio FoundationThe view from AfentakeioKimolos isn’t an island full of tourism but…

Kimolos & Polyegos, Their Beaches Will Charm You!

According to my opinion, Kimolos is the Polynesia of the Cyclades. Here, you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in all shades of blue and green. Sandy beaches, pebbled beaches, deserted beaches that you can approach them only by boat or on foot. Οrganized beaches…

"Nuad Thai Massage" In The Center Of Athens

One morning, not long time ago I woke up with a persistent and excruciating headache. It was acute, refractory and resistant to all painkillers and medicines. That same day I had to go to the center of Athens. Even the thought was killing me. I started with a heavy heart and…

Polis Hammam An Unforgetable Experience

When we walked the door of Polis Hammam with my fellow travel bloggers some days ago, I could not have imagined of the unbelievable experience we would enjoy there. So here I am sharing with you this experience, as I always do with the things that I like and find worth…

7 Necessary Tools for a Travel Blogger

You love travels, you have read the article with the 6+1 tips that will help you to become a professional travel blogger and you decided to make your dream come true. Perfect!You are wondering…

Birthday at Thermae Sylla Spa in Edypsos

Thermae Sylla Spa is the historical Spa Hotel in Edypsos. The beloved place of Maria Callas, Omar Sharif, Greta Garbo and Onassis was the ideal setting for the fourth birthday celebration of the Travel Bloggers Greece!Unfortunately, some couldn’t make it and we missed…

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Where Can I Put my Books? Figurative Deco Solutions

There’s nothing better than reading a book. Scientists say that reading helps the brain function properly.But if the books you’ve collected are too many. If you are looking for ideas and ways to make them work on the one hand but also to emerge in the space…

Decorate with lemons, Give Color and Aroma to Your Home

I confess I love the color of lemons as well as their scent. I love yellow, I find it cheerful, optimistic and hopeful as color. I also love the aroma of lemons. That’s why the idea of decorating the house with Lemons has thrilled me.So I searched and found the…

White vinegar, your ally in home cleanliness

We usually spend a lot of buying various ready-made formulations for the cleanliness of our house forgetting a great ally. white vinegar costs little and is more effective than many commercial cleaners.I have been using it for many years and I am not changing it for…

Refresh Your Kitchen Without Spend a Property

The kitchen is the main room of every home. Where we spend many hours every day. We cook, eat, sometimes drink coffee by chatting around the table. Generally, the heart of our home hits in the kitchen.But over the years, we need a change … a renewalin the style and…

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