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Crossroads Inn hotel in Tinos is a unique experience and your stay there will definitely enrapture you.

(You can read more about Tinos and its wonderful villages at this article).

Nevertheless, I think that the term “hotel” doesn’t suit at Crossroads Inn.

I think more appropriate is to call it “traditional houses”. Or better yet the country house which will accommodate you for a few or more days in the island.




Once you start your travelogue to the island, the village Tripotamos is the first one you meet.

By the time we arrived at the village edge we felt like we were travelling in time.

We passed through small covered galleries, cobbled roads and arches until to get to our room. Our eyes were full of the flowers ‘colors that decorated the wooden balconies and the yards.

My soul was full of feelings for this unexpected turn of our vacation.



At this place, the owner Mrs. Urania Diamantopoulou, architect, gave life to her personal vision. Her work and her love gave shape and existence to Crossroads Inn. Her whole family helped her to achieve it.

Her daughter Sophia welcomed and led us to our room.

Dedicating time and patience gave us information. Where we should go, where we could eat, what to buy, what to see, what we shouldn’t miss to do. The information was valuable as it was our guide.

Tireless, smiling and patient, Sophia was the best hostess we could have.

We were surprised when we were informed that Crossroads Inn is consisted of village houses that were innovated and can accommodate from two to six persons. They are in different spots of the village and are integral part of its architecture.






The lodging that hosted us is called “Kato Nero” and is located opposite a natural spring. It was named after it.

From its small porch one can enjoy a unique view to Aegean Sea and Delos.  It’s a real pleasure having your coffee, enjoying the silence and listening to the footsteps of the locals to the tiled alleys and exchange smiles and good morning.

On the kitchen table a small bottle of tsipouro and tidbits welcomed us.

In the cupboards we found everything we needed to make coffee (four different kinds) or tea and traditional cookies as well.

Everywhere in the space is diffused the fragrance of care.



During our short stay in Crossroads Inn, I felt like I was in my country house in the village. May be because I haven’t one and I miss it.

The wonderful layout and the architecture of the space is incredible intimate and nothing tells that we are in a hotel.

If you like such spaces, if you adore traditional houses and you want to experience the village atmosphere for a while Crossroads Inn is your ideal destination!

The Crossroads Inn in Tripotamos, Tinos is consisted of traditional lodgings of 2 to 6 persons that are entirely harmonized to the local architecture.


For more informations:

Crossroadsinn, Tripotamos, Tinos, Cyclades, Τ.Κ. 84200, Greece,, landline:+30 22830 25443, mobile:+30 6977 296898


*I was a guest of Crossroads Inn in Tinos but as always all opinions in this article are my own.



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