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Clio Muse is an application that you’ll love and it’ll become your personal guide.
You have never met such a guide.

It has happened to all of us. We visit a museum and we’re trying to get information from the exhibits labels. The barren dates, the obscure terms, the unknown words make us tired and therefore we lose our interest quickly.

ClioMuse will change all these.
With its novel guided tours which are accompanied by short, but very interesting stories, this application will turn your wanderings into a unique experience.
But let’s start from the beginning because due to my enthusiasm I don’t make myself understood.


Initially, you have to download the application to your mobile phone. It’s free.
Wander yourself through the routes and guided tours and select the one that you prefer and suits you.
Besides museums and archaeological sites, ClioMuse offers many interesting routes.
For example. “Athens: The city of flavors and memories”.

I selected this one. It’s a small food tour in the city centre.
In the beginning, there is a brief route and guide description.

At the right side of the screen, on the top, there is a button called chart. If you click on it, you’ll see the whole route with its most important spots.
Each one of them presents one or more short but interesting stories.




Thanks to ClioMuse, I walked through Athens streets and alleys. I enjoyed a Greek coffee at an old traditional café away from the hum of the big busy streets.
I learned about the old grocery shops and the “grocer’s errand boys” who delivered the orders in newspapers.
I saw the home in which Theodoros Kolokotronis lived. Today houses a Greek souvenir shop.
I learned what “skoupa” (broom) meant in the old pastry shops of Athens.
Now, every time that I’ll walk through the same roads I’ll have something to remember, something to recall.
And yet I haven’t talked about the most important.



The guided tours can be stored on your mobile phone and be used as many times as you wish. Even offline!
But the most important is that you can keep your experience with ClioMuse as a souvenir.
And if you have some favorite information or a short story, you can send it to your friends or share it in social nets.

Each one of the guided tour costs from 7 to 15 Euros.
Nevertheless, ClioMuse offers some of them free of charge. Usually are about events and galleries.
Thus, download the application to your mobile phone (we already said it. It’s free).
Wander through the routes that ClioMuse offers and live the experience.




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