It isn’t difficult to organize a trip. What you need is programming and a list that’ll help you to achieve your goal. At this post I’ll show you what steps I follow when I organize a trip. But let’s do it

Traveling to another country is probably one of the most exciting experiences a person can have. But at the same time, preparing for the trip can be such an overwhelming process.  I know how much getting the right tips for

Clio Muse is an application that you’ll love and it’ll become your personal guide. You have never met such a guide. It has happened to all of us. We visit a museum and we’re trying to get information from the exhibits labels.

The days with the unbearable heat are already past. The weather is getting colder and the first fall drizzles appeared. The autumn is here. But what are the best seasonal destinations? Which directions will our travels follow? Where shall we dash

When planning a trip abroad you dream of all the beautiful moments you are about to savor and you expect to create beautiful memories out of them. No horror scenario like losing a credit card, a passport or ID card even

When you have a big wanderlust but a really limited budget, one thing is for sure: Ryanair is your best friend. Let me explain. The following story, of my latest trip to Bucharest, is the example to make my point. HOW I BOOKED WITH