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Birthday at Thermae Sylla Spa in Edypsos


Thermae Sylla Spa is the historical Spa Hotel in Edypsos. The beloved place of Maria Callas, Omar Sharif, Greta Garbo and Onassis was the ideal setting for the fourth birthday celebration of the Travel Bloggers Greece!

Unfortunately, some couldn’t make it and we missed them too much. But some others as our beloved Anthomeli defying the bad weather, the snow, the turns and the difficulties on the street managed to come late at Friday night. They gave us great joy.

We fulfilled four years. In these four years we shared amazing trips, unique moments, laughing and emotional moments. During these four years, difficulties, setbacks and problems didn’t lack. But all these were invaluable experiences that made us more mature and helped us to evolve ourselves and to become better! Four years in which we started as a group and we became a family and this is the most important thing!

These three days were above our expectations because the place that hosted us was just amazing!

Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel and Its History

It is housed in an exquisite historical building dating back to 1897.  Thermae Sylla Spa hotel along with the “Grand Bretagne” of Athens are among the oldest hotels of Greece.

The impressive Thermae Sylla Hotel is built above the famous Edypsos thermal springs. It has taken its name from the   Roman general Sylla who was born in 83 Β.C. He had visited the area and got healed of the uric acid that troubled him. So he decided to save the city from the Roman troops by giving his name to the cave in which he was treated for his disease.

How You Can Get to Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel

From Athens in about 2.5-3 hours you’ll get to Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel using the National Road via Architsa Ferry. The voyage lasts 45 minutes and there are regular time tables. Here you can see the ferry boats itineraries.

Alternatively, there is the route through Chalkida which passes from Nea Artaki, Psachna and Rovies. The road has many turns, but the landscape will make it up to you for any kind of hardship. If you travel in winter time, make sure that you have wheel chains because it often snows and the street becomes very dangerous.

The Spaces of Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel

The Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel is consisted of the old and the new wing. The two wings are connected to each other and comprehend 108 rooms and suites. The famous thermal water springs naturally from the earth and with it the Spa’s two thermal water pools (indoor and outdoor)are filled daily. At night the pools are emptied, cleaned and are ready to fill up again the next day.

The water springs at a temperature of 80-85 degrees Celsius and consists of valuable elements such as radon, minerals and trace elements.

Around the indoor pool as well as on the upper floor there are rooms where one can have various treatments as face and body massage, sauna and to exercise in a fully equipped fitness center.

I adored the mushroom in the center of the indoor pool that poured water massaging your shoulders and your hands.

The Rooms of Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel

The rooms are carefully made till the last detail and have view to the sea and to the indoor pool. They are spacious and have comforts that make the visitor’s stay unique.

In the wardrobe you’ll find bathrobes and towels, while in the bathroom you’ll find luxurious cosmetics.

The Restaurant in Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel

We were informed that according to the restaurant needs   they make the shopping daily and not every week. That’s why everything is fresh and consequently tasty. The last night of our stay, I couldn’t but congratulate the chef for his creations.

The Thermae Sylla is working with small organic products growers and uses these products in the kitchen in order to please and satisfy the clients.

The breakfast buffet has such a great variety that is unlikely to ask something that it doesn’t serve. For those of course who desire a full detoxication there are healthy dishes. They offer delicious salads, specially cooked meals and even sweets in low calories that have nothing to envy of the regular ones.


In the Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel, the visitor has the opportunity to choose between the relaxation in the thermal water pools, sauna, and various types of massage and rejuvenating therapies as well as yoga, aqua aerobic and exercises in the fully equipped fitness center.

Whatever you choose you’ll enjoy a unique experience of relaxation and wellness in an amazing environment of discrete luxury that you’ll never forget.

In You Tube you can see a video which I have uploaded from our stay in Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel.

*I warmly thank Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel and personally Mrs. Karatziou – Anastasopoulou for the impeccable hospitality. Αrticles like this as always reflect my personal opinion.

Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel
Posidonos Str. 2
Edipsos – Εvia
Tel.: +30 22260 60 100, Fax.: +30 22260 22 055, E-Mail: info@thermaesylla.gr

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