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At Itylo’s beach there is a pirate. Specifically speaking, not just a Pirate but a “Black Pirate”. We found it while we were staying in “Petra & Fos”, Mani. It’s too close to the hotel, just 1, 5 km.




At Neo Itylo’s beach “Black Pirate” was the first tavern to meet. It’s a typical Greek fish tavern that serves unique dishes and seafood. It was the beginning of May and it wasn’t crowded. As the night was falling the sea was taking the sunset colors and the only sound was the lap of the waves.



We let Nikos, the owner of “Black Pirate”, to attend on us the way he knew and we didn’t get disappointed. Someone that loves his work definitely loves to offer good service to his clients. Nikos Douveas knows of good fish and seafood and loves to please his clients.


Next to our table there was a small cistern. Nikos himself pulled out of there the kolochtypes (Mediterranean slipper lobster) that accompanied our pasta.


Shortly afterwards, the first courses came. The salad of boiled vegetables, greens, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and broccoli gave us a good appetite. The fish soup was the best I have ever tasted.

Nikos said that the soup was made of many different fish. Each tablespoon flooded my palate with the fantastic flavor of this perfect soup.

I still remember it and if I ever find myself there it’ll be first choice.

The main course was lobster pasta made of Kolochtypes and shrimps. This dish confirmed me that the “Black Pirate” dishes are the most delicious.

As for the desert, Nikos offered us yogurt with grape spoon sweet. It was tasteful.

Even Christos who doesn’t prefer yogurt enjoyed it.



So, if you ever find yourself in Mani visit Neo Itylo beach and eat in “Black Pirate”.  You’ll remember me!


Fish Tavern “Black Pirate”

Neo Itylo

Tel. 2733 059363


*I was a guest of “Black Pirate”, but as always all opinions in this article are my own.

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