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You love travels, you have read the article with the 6+1 tips that will help you to become a professional travel blogger and you decided to make your dream come true. Perfect!

You are wondering what else you need. Which are the necessary “tools” that will help you and where you can find them? Let’s take them in turn.

1. Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone is a “multi-tool” with which you’ll cover the biggest part of your work as a travel blogger.

With your phone you’ll take photos, you’ll shoot videos, you’ll share the photos from the places you visit, you’ll keep notes. So the purchase of a reliable mobile phone with a good camera (if you don’t already have one) is a necessary expense and an investment.

Note: Next, you’ll see that if you want to take pictures you must use your camera. Nevertheless, you must have a reliable mobile phone because frequently you’ll take pictures with it. When I want to upload photographs at social media I shoot them with my mobile. I use it also when I create videos. So it’s necessary to have a mobile with a good camera.

Here you’ll find all the models in best prices and payment facilities.

2. Selfie Stick

Even if you travel with your partner and not alone you’d like to take photos together at some point. And if you are alone you want to take more pictures. So a Selfie stick is absolutely necessary. Besides selfies it will serve you with the videos. Using the Selfie stick you achieve better shot without vibration and “shakes”.

You can take an idea for the prices here and here.

3. Laptop

I don’t go anywhere without it. Even when I suspect that I won’t need it. Today, the evolution of mobile phones is so big that they do what a computer does. Nevertheless, the laptop is first on my list. I have the sense that I carry my “office” with me and consequently all the documents I need.

At nights when I return at my hotel I always use it. If I want to edit a photograph in Photoshop, to write an article, to send some mails or just to surf in the social neighborhood.

Here you’ll find all brands and you’ll get an idea of the prices.

4. Camera

We said everything about the mobile phones, but a good high analysis camera is a must for a travel blogger.

Many times on your travels you’ll have to take pictures of something that is far away or on the move. In both cases (and not only) you need a quick camera with a good lens that will bring closer your subject, will freeze it and capture it in the best analysis. These are things that a mobile phone cannot do.

Alongside, when you’ll start to cooperate with different brands you’ll be asked to sell one or more of your pictures because they want them for personal use. So these pictures cannot be shot by a mobile phone.

The recent years I use mirrorless of Sony and I am very pleased. It’s small, light, it fits everywhere and it gives me amazing photographs.

In the market you can find many remarkable cameras.

5. Extra Batteries

You definitely wouldn’t like your camera to shut down because of the battery during the day and while you are away from sockets and charger. So you must have a spare battery for your camera.

Personally, although the battery on my camera has long life I always have two spares with me.

6. Power bank

As you’ll be the whole day on the road taking pictures, videos and posting on social media it’s certain that your mobile phone will need charging. And of course you won’t have the possibility to charge it in a fixed place.  So a power bank is as necessary as your mobile phone.

Here you’ll find power banks in various prices and for every taste.

7. Knapsack

Finally you’ll need a knapsack in which you’ll carry all the above. A beautiful Knapsack, resistant and trendy.

These are the seven necessary tools that you must have with you as a travel blogger.

Was this article useful for you? If you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer.

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