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Dimitsana is a beautiful village with fabulous options for accommodation and a unique natural environment that makes it difficult for the visitor to forget.

The places of interest in Dimitsana are so many that you should not miss out on anyone.


For example the Monastery of Saint John the Baptist for which you can find more details included in THIS post. It is spectacularly located on top of a cliff inside the canyon of Lousios and has a unique view.

Apart from this Monastery that deserved a dedicated post, I have prepared a list for you with four of the most special points of interest you should not miss in Dimitsana.


This is the home of martyr Patriarch Gregory the 5th who was born in Dimitsana in 1746 and was hanged by the Turks in 1821 in Constantinople.

It is located in the center of the village. You have to take the turn next to the alley that is past the cafe-patisserie “Lousios” and you will find it on your right in about 50 meters.

As about the opening hours it is best to ask the locals because they change often. The season we visited was autumn and the residency was then open only during the weekends.

Once you get there you will see the personal office of the Patriarch.

Icons, religious habits, and other ecclesiastical items dating from 18th to 19th century.

iero-evaggelio iero-diskopotiro


In about one and a half kilometers outside Dimitsana, in the location Kefalari of St. John you will find the open air Water-Power Museum that belongs to the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Bank Group.


In the middle of a fabulous green scenery you will find displayed all those techniques that were used in past years in order to make final products with the use of water as a main source of energy.

Watermill, tannery, gristmill, gunpowder mill and even a cauldron for the making of traditional drink “raki” are there in front of your eyes reviving the techniques of the past in the most lively way.


Only twenty minutes away of Dimitsana and right after the village Zatouna the road leads to the Filosofou Monastery.

The monastery was founded after the middle of the 17th century and it is now considered a preservable monument going under conservation by the Ministry of Culture.

ekklisia iero-ekklisias
The monastery is lived by the Abbot and one monk who will offer to the visitors “loukoumi”, fresh water and well cared answers to every question.



Right after the new monastery a path will take you to the old monastery and the oldest one in Arkadia. In this place during the years of the Turkish Occupation there was a secret school operating (krifo scholio) for the Greek students.

faraggi-lousiosIt is a trail of about 800 meters inside a verdant canyon and despite the fact that it is a bit tiresome in some points, you will definitely appreciate it.
You will be led to the old secret school.

kryfo-scholeioIf you look a bit higher you will see the old Monastery curved inside the cliff, standing there since 963A.D during the reign of Nikephoros Fokas.

palia-ekklisiaDimitsana is an amazing destination only two and a half hours away from Athens, located inside a verdant scenery with so many points of interest.

Have you ever been in Dimitsana?
If yes, do you have any suggestions for more interesting spots to visit? Do share with us!

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