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When planning a trip abroad you dream of all the beautiful moments you are about to savor and you expect to create beautiful memories out of them.
No horror scenario like losing a credit card, a passport or ID card even crosses your mind. Right?

Well I was the unfortunate one to live such a horror scenario in our trip in Rome and I still get panic attacks when thinking about it.
So the question only comes natural:  What can we do to make our trips more safe?

 10-tips-to-travel-with-safetyBEFORE DEPARTURE

1. Be mindful. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that “this or that can never happen to me” or “these things happen to others, no way I will have such bad luck”. Bad things happen to good people and we are all susceptible to misfortune. Especially when we are being careless. That is why being prepared for everything -even disaster- lowers the possibility of disaster actually happening.

2. Before departure make photo copies of your passport or ID card and save the prints in a different place than you keep the passport itself. For even bigger security you can upload the copies in your drive or cloud and thus easily access them from anywhere in the world.

3. Invest in travel insurance. Most insurance companies offer packages for traveling. For example, a 10 days trip in Europe could cost 25-35 euros for insurance that would cover the loss of traveling documents or money, theft, accident or sickness and even a possible cancellation of the programmed trip.

4. My advice would be not to carry big sums of money with you. It is far better to stop more times in a cashier machine to collect smaller amounts each time.


5. Secure safely into your hotel room the biggest sum of money that you might carry and hold with you only the amount that you will need for that day. Along with your money secure your traveling documents safely in the room and carry with you only the photo-copies.

6. If you have more than one credit cards do not carry them with you. Having only one debit card with you would be enough.

7. Never place all your money in one spot. Scatter them in several safe spots inside your baggage and keep your credit card also elsewhere for a case of emergency.

8. The bag that you will be using during the day should be able to close safely with a zipper and should have a strap long enough to be worn attached crossed on your body. Backpacks are more susceptible to theft due to position of holding and that is why bags are considered a better choice.

9. Do not leave your cellphone exposed and do not hold it in your hands while walking on the road. Many times when we are in a new place we tend to keep it at hand as it guides us with the navigator or google maps. In these cases there is a high danger of someone grabbing it from our hands and vanishing running off the streets. So beware!

10. While using public transportation or being in crowded places be alert. Keep your bag in front of you and cover it with your hands.

Travels are our precious treasures. They offer us cherished memories, new experiences and happy moments.  We need to protect those moments from misfortune.

Do you have any other advice for safe traveling?

If you do, I would be happy to read in the comments below.

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